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Finalists of the Biennale of Trust’ Posters Contest

During the competition, we’ve received almost 500 of the really fantastic works on Trust from 20 countries of the world. Many of them were worthy of not only getting to the longlist, but also of the Grand Prix, so it was quite difficult to choose only 30 finalist posters for our Jury. All the projects were registered and numbered according to the order of receipt. Therefore, the fact that there are several posters of the same authors in a long list is an indication of their skill only.

We sincerely thank all contestants for their participation! Each of the 500 designers did a great job – they analyzed the problem of trust personally for them and visualized their own discoveries. We – the members of the Jury and the Organizing Committee of the Biennale of Trust – carefully analyzed each image and, regardless of the level and quality of artistic skills, all these works are valuable to us and form a great contribution to the development of the Trust level in the society. Thanks to the contestants for these precious discoveries and for the Trust! (More information about the competition terms and conditions can be found here)

So, here are the names of the authors of the thirty posters-finalists:

  1. Mykola Honcharov (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  2. Wojciech Zatorski (Lódź, Poland) – “We Must Trust One Another”
  3. Maria Mercedes Salgado (Paris, France)
  4. Victoriya Papazova (Kyiv, Ukraine) – “Blind Trust”, “Looking for Trust”
  5. Axen Ivankov (Sumy, Ukraine) – “Make a Step of Trust”
  6. Ivan Dzis’ (Lviv, Ukraine)
  7. Olena Smetana (Tymoshenko) (Vinnytsia, Ukraine)
  8. Osman Dinç (Turkey)
  9. Elizabeth Pyrozhok (Dnipro, Ukraine) – “Level of Trust”
  10. Dmytro Stogniyenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  11. Oleh Bortnyk (Pasiky-Zubrytski village, Lviv region, Ukraine)
  12. Yaroslav Filevych (Lviv, Ukraine) – “No trust, no community”
  13. Dzyuba Dmitry (Kyiv, Ukraine) – “Trust is not subordination”
  14. Bjorn Nelissen (Haarlem, Netherlands)
  15. Nadiya Doicheva-But (Zazymya village, Kyiv region, Ukraine)
  16. Iryna Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  17. Oleksandra Proms’ka (Rivne, Ukraine)
  18. Olesya Bachinska (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  19. Oleksiy Kokorev (Lviv, Ukraine)
  20. Olga Vovkogon (Lviv, Ukraine) – “Trust or Die”
  21. Abdulkerim Turkaya (Turkey) – “Peace | War”
  22. Laznyuk Katerina (Kyiv, Ukraine) – “A good dog in a yard”
  23. Wojciech Osuchowski (Ruda Slaska, Poland) – The Whole Life
  24. Dmitry Bulanov (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  25. Jean-Michel Basquiat (Lviv, Ukraine) – B.O.T.
  26. Maxim Palenko (Dnipro, Ukraine)
  27. Olga Levchuk and Sergiy Klepik (Novosilky village, Kyiv region, Ukraine)

“Trust Me”
Author: Mykola Honcharov (Kyiv, Ukraine)

“We Must Trust One Another”
Author: Wojciech Zatorski (Lódź, Poland)

Author: Maria Mercedes Salgado (Paris, France)

“Blind Trust”
Author: Victoriya Papazova (Kyiv, Ukraine)

“Looking For Trust”
Author: Victoriya Papazova (Kyiv, Ukraine)

“Make a Step of Trust”
Author: Axen Ivankov (Sumy, Ukraine)

Author: Ivan Dzis’ (Lviv, Ukraine)

Author: Olena Smetana (Tymoshenko) (Vinnytsya, Ukraine)

Author: Osman Dinç (Turkey)

“Trust Level”
Author: Elizabeth Pyrozhok (Dnipro, Ukraine)

“Big Brother Trusts You”
Author: Lemon Saint (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Author: Oleh Bortnyk (Pasiky-Zubrytski village, Lviv region, Ukraine)

“No Trust, No Community”
Author: Yaroslav Filevych (Lviv, Ukraine)

“Trust is not subordination”
Author: Dmytro Dziuba (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Author: Bjorn Nelissen (Haarlem, Netherlands)

Author: Nadiya Doicheva-But (Zazymya village, Kyiv region, Ukraine)

Author: Iryna Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Author: Oleksandra Promska (Rivne, Ukraine)

Author: Olesya Bachynska (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Author: Oleksiy Kokorev (Lviv, Ukraine)

“Trust or Die”
Author: Olha Vovkohon (Lviv, Ukraine)

“Peace | War”
Author: Abdulkerim Turkaya (Turkey)

“Trust in Nature”
Author: Abdulkerim Turkaya (Turkey)

“Kind Dog In The Yard”
Author: Kateryna Laznyuk (Kyiv, Ukraine)

“The Whole Life”
Author: Wojciech Osuchowski (Ruda Slaska, Poland)

Author: Dmytro Bulanov (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Author: Jean-Michel Basquiat (Lviv, Ukraine)

“Trust To (Animal)”
Author: Maksym Palenko (Dnipro, Ukraine)

“Trust. It’s not so black as it’s painted”
Authors: Olha Levchuk and Serhiy Klepyk (Novosilky village, Kyiv region, Ukraine)

“I trust no one, not even myself” Joseph Stalin
Authors: Olha Levchuk and Serhiy Klepyk (Novosilky village, Kyiv region, Ukraine)